What’s your mission?

Our mission is to raise global awareness of the harm some of the Jehovah’s Witness/Watchtower’s policies can to to individuals, families, and the wider community. It is our hope that this awareness will lead to policy reform within the organization to better protect it’s members as well as members of the general public.  We also aim to reach survivors of abuse within the organization who very likely think they are alone and the mishandling of their specific case was just a one off. You are not alone! There are thousands more and there is support. Lastly, many of us still have loved ones inside the organization and wish to free them from the mental grip of a high control group (cult). We fight for justice, reform, and healing.

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What is an apostate?

We’re happy you asked! The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe an apostate is someone who has betrayed God and lies in order to draw his people away from him in any way they possibly can. An apostate has committed the greatest most unforgivable sin, are cut off from the community entirely, and viewed as deceptive, evil, and unworthy of life.

HOWEVER, the actual dictionary definition of apostate is simply: a person who no longer holds a religious or political view that they once did held.

The Vast Apostate Army has reclaimed the title of apostate bestowed upon us by friends and family we once had by embracing the real definition of the word. We are only human after all- moved to adapt our beliefs and our thinking based on critical thinking, research, moral, and humanity.

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How Can I Help?

By sharing your story! YouTube activists have sprung up all over the world this year and we encourage survivors to empower themselves by taking their voices back! 

Of course, some prefer to help out silently and that’s just as well! You can purchase merchandise from VAA Apparel to help fund activist events 🙂

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Do you hate Jehovah’s Witnesses? What Did they ever do to you?

We do what we do out of love, not hate. We encourage free thinking and objective research. We aim not to embarrass individual Jehovah’s Witnesses. Many of them are unaware of what happens behind closed doors in their organization. Our “beef” is with the men who sit on top, and our goal is to force policy reform to keep both Jehovah’s Witnesses and non Jehovah’s Witnesses safe.

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Who’s In Charge?

Nobody! We organize ourselves locally for events as well as internationally for events. If you have an idea, reach out!

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How Do I Join?

The Vast Apostate Army does not have an exclusive membership. The Vast Apostate Army is a concept. If you have been affected in some way by JW policies or JW practices and feel like using your voice foster change then you already are one of us. Welcome!

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