(Author: Neil Gardner)

You were once a part of a seemingly unstoppable and invincible army of Jehovah.

You and your brothers were moving ever forward and getting an even better understanding of what was going on in this world and the invisible one too.

You once thought that you had all the knowledge you’d ever need, coming directly from God himself via his representatives on Earth. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? I mean, back when you believed that you didn’t need to worry. You had all the answers and even knew the future! It certainly sounds good to me and I know it’s all a lie!

It is a lie make no mistake. You were ruled over by ignorant elderly sociopaths many of whom never set foot in a university campus unless it was to tell young men and women there that they were wasting their time.

These same men now live insular lives where they get treated as mini prophets and are obeyed without question, the only qualification they needed to get their job was a promise not to rock the boat and an ability to have thoughtlessly obeyed orders back when they had little or no authority.

What does all that certainty and ignorance breed into us though? Well think about it, I’ll wait.

Imagine meeting a person on the bus. You get to talking and he explains that today is his first time out of the house.

You are obviously surprised at this news and ask why. He’s been living at home and was home schooled by an elderly aunt who taught him that everyone outside the house was wicked. At this point you are scratching your head, so you ask what this old relative taught him and what we’re her credentials.

You learn she had left school at 16 but still she felt she had all the information she needed from one of her voluminous collection of poorly printed religious tracts.

During the rest of the journey you (unfortunately) learn what he did. Most is a confusing jumble of Bible code and pyramidology, with Liberal shots of ultra orthodox hatred for women, gays and apostates sprinkled throughout.

He is of course delighted to inform you that he no longer believes everything he was taught, in fact he is on his way to meet his new friends who have totally different ideas, in fact “would you like a poorly photocopied tract explaining what they teach”? At this point you refuse politely, wish the man well, shake your head and thank God you didn’t grow up like he did, except you did.

We all did. This post isn’t designed to fix that, nobody can do that. I’m afraid that, like me, you are a pretty messed up person.

This post was written to ask you what to do now. What do you think, or more precisely, HOW do you think. Many of us walked away from a life of proud ignorance and assumed we could figure out the world around us. For us, Jehovah is no longer the guide he once was for others our parents aren’t here to offer support or advice so we are left to our own devices, how prepared are you?

The first thing to admit is that, like all of mankind, you are woefully unprepared for life but while everyone has problems you have a few unique ones that make life a little more difficult. You have been taught that education isn’t that important, after all “the end is coming”. Well short of telling kids to smoke that is just about the worst advice you could have been given.

Because you didn’t value education its very likely you haven’t got one and secretly know that you are suited to much a better job than the one you currently have. This is very fixable. You have also been taught that “The worldly philosophies of men” are a bad thing, that’s nonsense too. So if you want to make a start at fixing these first two problems, take an introduction to philosophy course at night school as soon as you can.

You have been taught that all other religions are different routes to Satanic worship, that’s silly. While some are pretty terrible most are nice, kind and welcoming. I’ve been to a lot of other churches and If truth be told, I’ve yet to find a single church or cult that’s worse than the Jehovah’s Witnesses. There are many ex-jws who needed help but ignored the generous charitable programs from local churches for fear of bursting into flames if they set foot inside the building! Don’t be like them. Visit local churches, make friends. You’ll be glad you did.

This one is just to the men.

You aren’t the head of the house, they lied about that. Even if you earn more money than your partner you are part of a team. Even if you you’re smarter you’re part of a team. If you pretend to run the show then everything that goes wrong also becomes your fault and who wants that?

The whole “head of the household” thing harks back to the days when you were expected to hunt Sabre-Toothed tigers while your wife sat in the cave. Rest assured if a Sabre-Toothed tiger does walk into your garden she will be delighted to let you take the lead, though I’m guessing if that day comes you’ll be more than happy to share the responsibility!

Finally let me speak to the sisters.

You are awesome. You can do far more than you were ever taught, though it’s fine if you don’t want to do that.

You are more than what a former leader of the Jehovah’s Witnesses called you “A hank a hair and a bag of bones” and you deserve to be treated well and get the education and opportunities you deserve.

Now, I’m just assuming your a nice person but even if you weren’t I have seen to many Jehovah’s witness wives whose husbands beat them up or made their lives miserable in other ways.

Now that you are out make sure you don’t think this is normal, it’s not and there are lots of people out there waiting to prove me right.